“Thank you, Matthew Howard, for helping me edit my book in creative, dedicated, and illuminating ways. You were amazing and went way beyond the call of duty! I am extremely grateful for all your outstanding hard work and dedication to my mission to help people with their health and lifestyle, as well as your fantastic work with this project! It was an honor to work with you.”

Nancy Addison, Nutritionist and Author of Diabetes and Your Diet.

“You’ve helped me bring a dream to life, and I appreciate it.”

—Brian O. Owens, Risk Manager and Author of Inversion and the Perspective-Based Safety Culture.

“Thank you for inspiring me to write again about something I am so passionate about.”

Lea Woodford, Publisher & Producer of SmartFem Magazine. Author of Lead…Share…Empower: My Strategies for Success in Life and Business

“You amaze me and always inspire me. Thanks so much for the encouragement and feedback that keeps me going.”

Jennifer Russo, Author of The Juggler: Keeping It Real in Work, Life, and Motherhood.

“Thanks for your help, encouragement, insights, and direction.”

Pam Gockley, Business Consultant and Author of Not All Camels Are in the Desert: An Amazing Personal Story of a Life Turned Around.

“I had long dreamed of becoming a published author because of my passion for my methods and tools. I wanted to get them to a larger audience than my own client base. I encountered frustration with both a ghost writer and a literary agent. These futile attempts felt like I was pushing my goal further away. I shared my frustrations with my long-time professional colleague, Matthew Howard. He stepped into the role of Developmental Editor. He edited my work into a compact, easy-to-read book. The reviews have so far exceeded our wildest imaginations. I highly recommend Matthew. The only caveat is to put your seat belt on. You will move faster and further than you currently imagine possible.”

Katharine Halpin, Founder of The Halpin Companies and Author of Alignment for Success: Bringing Out the Best in Yourself, Your Teams, and Your Company

“Matthew greatly helped me make my first published book a reality. In addition to asking great clarifying questions and asking me to expound on ideas in my book Financial Wellness, he helped me reach my deadline through encouragement. As a family man and entrepreneur, my life can get extremely busy; Matthew helped me stay on task and stay the course. I can’t wait to have him help me make my manuscripts a reality with many more books.”

Taras Collum, Sr., Dave Ramsey Certified Financial Coach and Author of Financial Wellness: A Proven System to Change Your Behavior and Start Winning with Money

“It was a pleasure working with Matthew. He took my rough project and smoothed out the edges. He had ideas for changes and additions that really enhanced the final product. He was very fast and accurate. My staff added some embellishment, but we would never have finished the project without Matthew’s help. Looking forward to the next eBook and again working with Matthew.”

Diana V. Hoyt, President of Heritage Designs and Author of Donor Management Policies and Procedures Guide

“Matthew is a patient, thorough, creative, and resilient editor. He has helped me with all types of editing projects including my books. He converted my books to Kindle, uploaded and worked with me on my covers, and helped me with designers, the book printing companies, and websites. He has been a joy to work with, and I’ve truly appreciated his personal care to detail, expertise, and efficiency. I highly recommend his work.”

Nancy Addison, Nutritionist and Author of How to Be a Healthy Vegetarian.


Feedback on my Authors’ Workshop.

“Thank you for stepping in and saving our writers’ group! You are appreciated.”

—Barbara Schroder, author of Remember Who You Are.

“I was struck by how well the feedback, positive or negative, was presented: pleasantly and with helpful suggestions. And the authors accepted the feedback humbly, with thanks and a minimum of defensiveness. It was a truly collaborative, and supportive, environment.”

—Author Jim Mischel.

“I thank the group for welcoming me, being honest in their critique, and sharing their written stories. It’s a great group.”

—Cindi Smith, author of Ivy Millicent Learns about Diabetes.


What have business owners said about me as an independent administrative services provider?

“Matthew is amazing. He came to The Halpin Companies, Inc. as someone who would transcribe notes and tapes for me into documents, spreadsheets and manuscripts. He quickly morphed into a key team member that we all rely on heavily for process, system, and technological improvements. I can’t imagine running our two businesses without Matthew’s hands-on support on a daily basis.”
—Katharine Halpin, Founder. The Halpin Companies

“Matthew can zero in on what is needed with simply a concept of what you want to achieve. I asked for his help on researching a number of topics; pulling together shards of data into a cogent report; completing web projects that were languishing. His versatility and range of talents also have a very get-it-done focus.”
Debbie Simmer

“Matthew and I worked together on the initial social media marketing campaign for The Alwun House Foundation and I enjoyed our collaboration greatly. His knowledge, focus, and creativity were critical to the project’s success. I highly recommend Matthew.”
–Stephen G. Barr, CEO & Group Publisher. SGB Media Group

“Matthew has a good eye for detail, and he values quality and innovation. He is disciplined about the pace of production, keeps a cool head under the pressure of deadlines, and is quick to respond to requests. He recognizes when to take risks and trust in the competencies of those under his authority.”
–Brian Bowhay, Owner. Meta-Tribes

“It has been a pleasure working with Matthew over the past several years. Matthew understands the larger implications of all aspects of the functions he helps us with. Matthew is detail-oriented and always completes tasks in the timeframe needed. I’m looking forward to working with Matthew for many years to come.”
–Tom Cooley, President. GoCardConnect

“Thank you for having the ‘Eagle Eye.’ The work you are doing for us is very valuable. It saves us much time and effort to focus on sales and service.”
–Joe Hidder, Sr. Account Executive. Automated Merchant Services

“Very happy with your service. I wouldn’t change a thing.”
–Stewart Esposito, Owner. The Leadership Center

“Matthew designed business cards for different aspects of my work, patiently demonstrating options and communicating with me to understand my needs.”
Tom Clohessy, Guitar & Tenor Saxophone. Trio Nine

“Amazing. Meticulous follow-up. I am very pleased that you have one eye on the details and another on systems and making us more efficient.”
–Allan B. Milham, Owner. Bold Moves Enterprises


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