Getting Started.

This service is for new writers and first-time authors who want to write a book, but aren’t sure where to start. What’s possible? Find out in a 60-minute phone call where we develop a plan for writing your first draft, and answer all your questions about self-publishing. This service includes:

  • A 60-minute consultation by phone, scheduled in advance.
  • Feedback via email on your first 2,000 words.

Rewrite Your Draft and Make It Awesome.

This service is for business professionals and subject-matter experts who have an incredible message to share with the world, and want it to be beautifully written. Discover how a professional editor can preserve your voice and polish it to perfection. This service includes:

  • Developmental editing for organization and structure.
  • Copyediting for word choice, clarity, and technical accuracy.
  • Verifying facts such as names, quotes, citations, legal cases, and chemicals.
  • Formatting your manuscript to professional publisher/agent standards, including font choice, text justification and alignment, styles for chapter titles and sub-chapter titles, page headers, footers, and a table of contents.
  • Gaining a deep understanding of your material to make insightful suggestions about revisions, additions, and any other concern that comes up during editing.
  • Communicating by email to resolve editorial concerns, get questions answered, and get you a final manuscript.

Design Your Book.

  • Cover Design for Paperback and eBook.
  • PaperbackInterior Layout as a PDF that is fully ready to go to your book’s printer.
  • Kindle – Create a .zip file you can upload to your Kindle Direct Account and publish to Amazon immediately.
  • iTunes, Nook Books, and More – Create a .doc file you can upload to ebook distributors such as Smashwords.

Basic Proofreading & Correction.

This service is for authors with a polished or previously edited manuscript they want to make absolutely sure is error-free. This service is for Technical Accuracy Only, and it gives zero consideration to your manuscript’s meaning and organization. It is not editing, but it does include:

  • Technical corrections to every element of your manuscript.
  • Email support to resolve any questions or concerns.

À la Carte Menu.

Hire me on an as-needed basis and make monthly or per-project payments for:

  • Copyediting small projects such as blogs, marketing materials, business letters, articles, and academic essays.
  • Helping you plan, outline, organize, and research your book.
  • Giving feedback on your work-in-progress.
  • Consulting on any aspect of writing, design, and self-publishing. Scheduled Phone Appointments in 1 and 2-hour blocks.
  • Helping you set up publishing accounts with distributors such as KDP & SmashWords. Scheduled Phone Appointments in 1 and 2-hour blocks. Yes, we can share computer screens!

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