Nine Things I Wish I Knew Before Making My First Book (free PDF by Matthew Howard)

Ten Things I Learned from Making My First Audiobook (free PDF by Matthew Howard)

Craft and Style

Basic Prose Style and Mechanics (free PDF by Craig Waddell)

43 Words to Cut from Your Manuscript (free article by Diana Urban)

Business: Folding Together Action and Dialogue (free PDF by Jeff Duntemann)

Manuscript Formatting

Proper Manuscript Formatting Explained (free PDF by William Shunn)

Kindle (KDP) and Amazon

Formatting Your Amazon Book Descriptions (free PDF by Matthew Howard)

Guide to Typography for eBooks (free article by Roger Packer)

Building Your Book for Kindle (free PDF from Amazon)

CreateSpace (now KDP) Technical Specs for Print Books (free PDF from CreateSpace)


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