Below is a sample of the books I have helped authors create and make available for sale. From collaboration and editing, to design and project management, I focus on the whole process and supporting authors every step of the way.

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I have also published dozens of my own books as the sole author, illustrator, designer, and audiobook narrator. I released a few music albums, too! For a complete listing of my books in print, see my Amazon Author’s Page.

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Recent Editing and Design Projects

inversion ebook cover 1.jpg

Editor & Self-Publishing Consultant, Book Interior & eBook Designer. Inversion and the Perspective-Based Safety Culture. Available on Amazon from Risk Manager Brian Owens. February 2019.


Copyeditor & Self-Publishing Consultant, Book Interior Designer. A Blaze of Kindness: Slinky and Laptop’s Backyard Adventures. Available on Amazon from speaker and business consultant Pamela Gockley. December 2018.


Copyeditor & Self-Publishing Consultant, Book Interior Designer. Ivy Millicent Learns about Diabetes. Available on Amazon from occupational therapist Cindi Smith. July 2018.


Book Interior & Kindle Designer, Self-Publishing Consultant. Question of Trust. Available on Amazon from fiction author Melissa Lynn Christian. May 2018.


Copyeditor. Cybersecurity Buyer’s Guide. Available directly from Silent Sector Cybersecurity Solutions. March 2018.

crazy smart kindle cover joe slade

Copyeditor. Crazy Smart: Top Ten Compelling Ways Winners Make You a Winner. Available on Amazon from B2B SEO and marketing expert Joe Slade. March 2018.


Developmental Editor & Self-Publishing Consultant, Interior Book & Kindle Designer. Not All Camels Are in the Desert: An Amazing Personal Story of a Life Turned Around. Available on Amazon from speaker and business consultant Pamela Gockley. December 2017.

hand in jail

Copyeditor. The Least Likely Criminal: A Mother Risks Everything for the Marijuana That Will Save Her Son’s Life. Available from activist Cindy McDonald. February 2018.

respond cover for kindle

Copyeditor and Technical Support for Kindle & PDF: Respond, Not React Playbook. Available for Kindle from Leadership Strategist Katharine Halpin. December 2017.

juggler - kindle cover.jpg

Developmental Editor & Consultant, Kindle & Cover Designer: The Juggler: Keeping It Real in Work, Love, Life, and Motherhood. The first book by Jennifer Russo. August 2017.

Feeding Tube Recipe Kindle Cover.jpg

Editor, Interior Book & Kindle Designer. Feeding Tube Recipe for Optimum Health. Available on Amazon from celebrity chef Nancy Addison. July 2017.

new awakenings cover small for web.jpg

Developmental Editor, Project Manager, and Interior Book Designer. New Awakenings: The Exchange. The first book by spiritualist Barbara Duggar. February 2017.


Editor, Interior Book Designer, and Project Support: There Is Only an Opportunity for Justice. Available from attorney James E. Crawford, Jr. January 2017.


Developmental Editor & Consultant, Interior Book & Kindle Designer: Lead…Share…Empower: My Strategies for Success in Life and Business. Available on Amazon from speaker and publisher Lea Woodford of SmartFem Media Group. December 2016.


Copyeditor, Interior Book Designer, and Project Support: Bounce Back from Bankruptcy in Wisconsin: Three Easy Steps to a 720 Credit Score. Available from attorney James Miller. December 2016.


Interior Book & Cover Designer, and Back Cover Copyeditor: Your Better Future: Answers to the Most Common Bankruptcy Questions. Available from attorney Ronn Elzinga. December 2016.

bankruptcy secrets cover small for web.jpg

Interior Book Designer: Bankruptcy Secrets – Live! From the Las Vegas Strip. Available from attorney Ryan Ruehle. December 2016.


Interior Book Designer: The 7 Untold Fat Loss Secrets. Available from fitness trainer Benjamin Jones of Fit Body Boot Camp. December 2016.


Developmental Editor, Interior Book & Kindle Designer: Diabetes and Your Diet: A Diabetes Cookbook with Nutrition and Lifestyle Tips for Reversing Diabetes. Available on Amazon from celebrity chef Nancy Addison. November 2016.


Interior Book Designer and Self-Publishing Consultant: ME! Anecdotal Evidence That I Existed. Available from from musician Dan Reed. October 2016.


Interior Book Designer and Cover Assistance: Exposing the Truth: The Texas Criminal Justice System and Your Rights. Available from attorney Barry Bobbitt. October 2016.


Interior Book & Cover Designer, and Back Cover Copyeditor: Find Solid Ground Through Bankruptcy: How to Avoid the Slippery Slope that Inevitably Leads to a Deeper Financial Hole. Available from attorney Catherine Christiansen. October 2016.

Editor and Kindle Designer: Strategic Reserves of Time: Eight Keys to Managing Your Time More Effectively. Available on Amazon from leadership coach Katharine Halpin. June 2016.

donor cover for web

Copyeditor and Design Support: Donor Management Policies & Procedures: Managing Your Fundraising Database. A promotional eBook by Diana V. Hoyt of MatchMaker FundRaising Software. Available to new sign-ups. November 2015.

 Healthy-Veg-Cover-Best-Seller-R-FINAL-BSS for Kindle

Editor, Interior Book & Kindle Designer: How to Be a Healthy Vegetarian: Complete Nutrition Guide & Recipe Book (Second Edition). Available on Amazon from celebrity chef Nancy Addison. August 2015.


Assistant Editor: Barbara McNichol Editorial Services, 2014–2015. Projects included FuelForward by Vivian Blade; Available on Amazon. June 2015.


Copyeditor, Interior Book & Kindle Designer: Lose Weight, Get Healthy: Nutrition & Health Information, Eating Plan, Recipes, and Lifestyle Guidelines for Becoming the Healthiest Person You Can Be. Available on Amazon from author Nancy Addison. April 2015.

raising healthy children bestseller front cover for web

Copyeditor, Interior Book & Kindle Designer: Raising Healthy Children: Health & Nutrition Information, Recipes, and Resources. Available on Amazon from author Nancy Addison. February 2015.

financial wellness front cover for web

Copyeditor, Interior Book Designer, and Self-Publishing Consultant: Financial Wellness: A Proven System to Change Your Behavior and Start Winning with Money. The first book by Dave Ramsey financial coach Taras CollumAvailable on Amazon. January 2015.

book cover 11 11 2014_front only for printing

Developmental Editor and Self-Publishing Consultant: Alignment for Success: Bring out the Best in Yourself, Your Teams, and Your Company. The first book by leadership strategist Katharine HalpinAvailable on Amazon. November 2014.

Original Works Currently in Print

municipal broadband - kindle cover.jpg

Municipal Broadband: A Guide to Politics, Policies, and Success Factors. Available on Kindle.

inner planets cover kindle

Inner Planets: 50 Poems. Available in Kindle. Audiobook edition available on Audible, Amazon, and iTunes.

bov4 cover kindle.jpg

Meteor Mags: The Battle of Vesta 4 and Other Tales. Available on Amazon in paperback (224 pages) and Kindle. Also available on iTunes and at Barnes & Noble for Nook Book.


The Baby and the Crystal Cube. Fiction short story. Available in paperback , Kindle, Nook Book, and iBooks. Audiobook edition available through Audible and Amazon and iTunes.


Never See the Night. Science fiction short story. Available in paperback, Kindle, Nook Book, and iBooks. Audiobook edition available through Audible, Amazon, and iTunes.


A Passion for Planning: Nine Things I Wish I Knew Before Making My First Book. Available in paperback and Kindle.


Animal Inside You: Poems of Chaos and Euphoria. 31 free-verse poems. Available in paperback and Kindle. Also available for Nook Book and iBooks.


Laws That Shape Our Lives: Public Policy Essays. Research essays and case studies; Available on Amazon, iBooks, and Nook Books.

omnibus cover - kindle and web.jpg

Meteor Mags: Omnibus Edition. Illustrated science fiction adventures. Available in Paperback and Kindle, Nook Book, and iBook.


Journal & Sketchbook: A Place for Creativity. Blank book with lined and unlined pages. Available in Paperback.


Sketchbooks: Volume One. Full-color art collection and interviews. Available in Paperback.


Anything Sounds Like a Symphony: Poetry at Maximum Volume. Available in PaperbackKindleiBooks, and Nook Books.

album cover thumbnail createspace

Seven Crescents: Instrumentals and Guitar Solos. Music album on CD; Available on Amazon.

album cover for bandcamp - annihilates

While My Guitar Gently Annihilates: Electric Improvisations. Music album on CD; Available on Amazon.


Three Years Dreaming: A Memoir. Available in Paperback and Kindle, Nook Books, and iBooks.


One Hundred: A Sentence. Available in Paperback.


Essays Available as Free PDF Downloads:

Two Years of Net Neutrality: A Policy Analysis Follow-Up

Nine to Five: Country Music and Women in the Workforce

Understanding Rhythm Changes: A Primer for Writers and Reviewers of Jazz Music

Perpetuating the Gap: Why U.S. Legislation Failed to Achieve Equality of the Sexes

Preserving the Voice of Dissent: The Sixties Project and Julian Bond’s Vietnam

The Way of Nature: The Science of Frances K. Pavel’s Archelon and the Sea Dragon

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