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passion_for_planning_kindle_coverMatthew Howard
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Matthew is a self-publishing author who supports award-winning authors, executives, speakers, and attorneys in writing, editing, designing, and self-publishing their work for global distribution in paperback and ebook formats.

He enjoys collaborating on books that provide positive, practical information to improve people’s lives and make a difference in our world. He works with teams to make books that contribute to greater awareness in the fields of law, business leadership, interpersonal communication, personal finance, health, and nutrition.

Matthew studied professional editing, technical writing, and document production management at the university level. He supports authors with everything from editing and coaching to creating print-ready layouts and Kindle-ready documents. He consults on all aspects of writing and self-publishing.

In February 2017, he produced a quick-start guide to self-publishing, called A Passion for Planning: Nine Things I Wish I Knew Before Making My First Book. It offers a non-technical look at the most important decisions to make when authoring a book. It was developed in workshops with local writers, reflecting a belief that feedback makes for better writing. In February 2017, Matthew became the organizer of the Armadillo Authors Workshop.

In December 2017, Matthew graduated from Fort Hays State University with a Master of Liberal Studies degree in Public Administration. His final project was the book, now available on Amazon, Municipal Broadband: A Guide to Politics, Policies, and Success Factors. Matthew earned a Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies in Public Administration in 2014 from Northern Arizona University. He studied and wrote on public policy as it relates to patents, international trade, health, and telecommunications.

Matthew began self-publishing his own work in 2012. He has published a series of public policy essays based on his graduate research, a well-reviewed book of poetry and drawings, a dream journal, a full-color art book, an ongoing science-fiction adventure series, and two albums of original guitar music.

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