now in print: journal & sketchbook

journal-small-for-webAnyone who knows me at all knows I am a big proponent of using journals and sketchbooks as a tool for nurturing artistic and poetic inspirations, personal growth, and ideas for writing projects. In 2015, I published a 150-page dream journal called Three Years Dreaming; and in 2016, I published a 100-page, full-color retrospective of drawings and paintings called Sketchbooks Volume 1.

But my first publication of 2017 is devoid of words and pictures of my own creation. It’s a blank book called Journal & Sketchbook: A Place for Creativity, and it features 100 lined pages and 50 unlined pages—all waiting to be filled with words and images, at a conveniently portable 8.5 x 5.5 size.

The cover features a scan of an abstract acrylic painting, one of a dozen 8 x 10 canvases I created in the last two months with the intent of making unique, colorful backgrounds and textures for book covers, business cards, website banners, compact disc covers, and anything else that needs a personal, artistic touch.

The title page, instead of displaying my name, has a blank line where you can write in your own name, and places to write the date where you started and finished filling the book. In other words, this isn’t a book by me. It’s a book by you!

Available in paperback on Amazon.


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