now in print: One Hundred

one_hundred_cover_for_kindleI made this book in one night as an artistic challenge.

Createspace advises the minimum page count for a book that requires text on the spine is 102. So to fill the pages of my minimalist design experiment, I composed a single one-hundred-word sentence, and put one word on each page.

One Hundred: A Sentence will probably never sell a single copy on Amazon, but my proof copies show the experiment was a success. The colorful background is from a canvas I painted and then scanned. I built the cover in MS Word (much to the dismay of professional cover designers) where there is a limited palette of “artistic affects” for altering any image you insert. When applied to the scanned paintings, they make a unique background.

To prove there is an audience for everything, I gave a copy to the folks at the Tuesday night meetings of the Central Phoenix Writers Workshop. While I work with authors of all kinds, the Tuesday crew is especially interested in oddities, experiments, and utterly non-commercial art adventures. I guessed that if anyone thinks it is cool to print a book based on a single sentence, I would find them on Tuesday. I guessed right!


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