Now in Print: Laws That Shape Our Lives

Laws_That_Shape_Our__Cover_for_KindleLaws That Shape Our Lives: Public Policy Essays
is now available in paperback and Kindle, iBooks, and Nook Book. This 196-page book presents my two most recent policy essays and collects the material published in the first three smaller volumes of my educational series. Laws That Shape Our Lives is my tenth book.

From the back cover:

From cyberspace to outer space, public policy shapes our lives, our planet, and our future. The ten essays collected in Laws That Shape Our Lives examine such controversial policy measures as net neutrality, tobacco packaging, water fluoridation, same-sex marriage, and the patenting of biological & genetic material.

Written in an academic style based on research and primary source documents, Laws That Shape Our Lives presents a comprehensive analysis of the history, major points of debate, and the current state of affairs of these topics and more. Laws That Shape Our Lives takes a look at public policy on the municipal, state, national, and international levels where decisions are made which affect us all.

Whether you are a student of public administration or simply interested in getting a sense of the bigger picture, Laws That Shape Our Lives will provide an informative and in-depth experience of the world of public policy.

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