now on compact disc: Seven Crescents

album cover thumbnail createspaceSeven Crescents: Instrumentals and Guitar Solos
by Matthew Howard

List Price: $17.95
73 minutes, 17 tracks
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Seven Crescents’ predominantly hard rock tracks show progressive influences like odd time signatures and exotic scales. The guitar playing dares to get experimental in search of the ultimate solo, incorporating techniques like slide and two-handed tapping with electronic effects and a loop pedal.

The live and home studio recordings of Seven Crescents span five musically productive years of performing and recording music with friends, from the jazz combo shows to the semi-acoustic album to the rock trio jamming live on the art scene. Many of the tracks on Seven Crescents either became performance pieces for these groups, or resulted from jamming out ideas with them. Seven Crescents includes tracks never before released on compact disc, and also the best of several albums which were sold as concert-only promotional items.

Due to the live nature of many of these recordings, sound quality may vary from track to track.

Exterior of the CD Booklet (back and front)album booklet exterior - Copy

Interior of the CD Bookletalbum booklet interior - Copy

Buy it on Amazon or directly from CreateSpace.

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