Now in Print: Financial Wellness by Taras Collum

Few things bring me more satisfaction than seeing a customer’s book transformed from a manuscript into a new book in print. This week, you will see a new author on Amazon: Dave Ramsey Certified Financial Coach Taras Collum. His 530-page guide to all the basics of personal and small business finance is called Financial Wellness: A Proven Process to Change Your Behavior and Start Winning with Money.
financial wellness full cover for web
The full-color cover came to us from graphic designer Laura Orsini of Write | Market | Design. I designed the interior, which means everything from choosing fonts to setting up page size and formatting all the graphic elements for print. Though most of the unfinished manuscript had been edited in 2013, Taras worked with me to create three new chapters and comprehensively update it.

Aside from editing and design, I also help authors navigate the process of setting up their books on the Createspace platform. It is a great platform for self-publishing, but there are many requirements to meet and decisions to make. It can be overwhelming for a first-time author. I know. I was one, once!

But no matter how much support I offer, I always encourage authors to click that very last button to approve the final proof, making their book go live on the worldwide web. The only thing that beats that feeling is when the books show up at your office, in print and real at last.

Taras came to me as a referral from Katharine Halpin, whose leadership book Alignment for Success went live on Amazon last November.

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