Guitar 15

guitar 15 3

Guitar Fifteen
Dimensions: 10 x 10 in.
Materials: Acrylic paint, media, and varnish on canvas.

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guitar 15 detail 1
guitar 15 detail 2

Below, you see some of the lower layers of the painting. Ultra White and Titan Buff in a composed arrangement, bleeding together and/or separating while wet, create a rich and varied background. Below that layer, a thick series of washes makes a nearly solid dark purple background. Putting light colors on top of that will let the colors of our top layers shine.

guitar 15 in progress 2

Next, we blocked out the shape in white. White paint covers better than anything else. It will get a couple coats of white and then one of black before we move to the final layers.
guitar 15 in progress 3

Below, you see our shiny new palette knife coated with silver paint and ready for action. We applied a mix of Payne’s Grey and Silver. We dipped our knife in each color separately, blending them on the canvas. Next, we crumpled up a plastic bag and ‘smooshed’ it onto the surface. Lifting it up created the interesting raised texture. You might see interior decorators do ‘faux finishes’ with similar tools, like a sponge or rag.

As a final step, we went along the outline with Payne’s Grey, pulling out the excess paint into the dried silver area to create something like a glow. After two coats of varnish, it truly does seem to glow in natural light.

guitar 15 in progress 4

guitar 15 2

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