Presentation to Students of Maricopa Skill Center

My Business Law instructor Peggy Shortridge invited me to speak to her students at Maricopa Skill Center about Creative Administration.

My presentation covered:
1. How I got into it – background.
2. What I do.
3. Recruiting new clients.
4. Billing
5. Self Management.

Because I didn’t know the background of the students in detail, I distributed Speaker Evaluation Forms to find out what was really meaningful to this group. I invited them to list the top three things they would take away from the presentation. Here’s a summary of what made an impression:

* Time Management tips
* The importance of Word of Mouth marketing
* Organize!
* Avenues of Generating Clients
* Free Google services: blog, calendar, email
* Billing Processes
* What Virtual Assistants do/could do – ideas!
* The only thing you need for your business is a client.

Regarding the last point: We addressed the question of what you need to start a business. We talked about how people will tell you that you need to start off by incorporating, getting a lawyer and a ton of paperwork, buying the latest software and gadgets – and all of that is nice, but secondary to the main idea: if you don’t have any clients, you don’t have any business. The first and foremost reality is that you need customers. You can re-vamp your web site and file your DBA anytime – what you really need is customers. Job Number One!

Finally, something that came up in the Q&A session was the necessity of feedback. How do you know what the client wants? How do you know how they like things done? How do you know if good enough is good enough, or if they want you to spend more time and go the extra mile?

Simple. ASK THEM. Don’t wait to find out later and don’t let dissatisfaction pile up. Survey your clients regularly. Ask them very specifically what they want. Ask them – is this good enough? Is it great? Did I do it the way you wanted it done? If you’re not sure about a specific project, stop and have them look at your progress so far. Get feedback! Over time, you will develop an understanding that allows you to anticipate what they want and fill their needs almost before they ask you.

4 Students signed up for my email newsletter and several stayed a little longer for a Q&A session.

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