Introduction to Tritone Substitutions and Dominant Seventh Chord Extensions for Jazz Guitarists

Below, you’ll find a link to a free tutorial for guitarists wanting to understand and master tritone substitutions.

It has fret board charts and conversational explanations of every step along the way. At 30 pages long, it is not a complete encyclopedia of every chord, but it will quickly get you up and running with those often-confusing symbols you see on jazz charts. Sometimes these chords look tricky on paper, but this booklet demysitifes them and shows how easy they are on the fret board itself.

Getting the most out of it requires that you have first taken the time to learn two things: A) the names of all the notes on the fret board, and B) how to build a major scale from any root note. However, the step-by-step process, diagrams, and explanations will help you even if your fundamentals need a little work.

I’m looking for feedback to refine the booklet conceptually, graphically, and textually so it will be a valuable tool for aspiring jazz guitarists. Comments, criticisms, advice, and questions are all welcome.

Download the free tutorial in PDF here:

If you’d like to offer feedback, please see my Contact Page to send message. Enjoy!

One thought on “Introduction to Tritone Substitutions and Dominant Seventh Chord Extensions for Jazz Guitarists

  1. Matthew –
    I so appreciate the Rahim – what a great collection, I’m listening to it in my car daily!

    Thought you might be interested in the version of Cypress Row I did with Frank. Some adjustments and re-mixing has been done since this recording, but it’s all I have right now….me on guitars, Frank on drums, percussion and sound….I think I also did the hand claps.
    I still like the drumming you did on our version!

    There are also a few others we’ve recorded – unmixed – on the Soundcloud page….along with a Subterranean tune I put out there:


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