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I support authors by providing professional editing, designing paperback books, creating Kindle-ready documents, proofreading, obtaining graphic design services, and consulting on all aspects of the writing and self-publishing processes. Whether you are in the planning phase for your book or finalizing it for publication, I can help.

The path you will travel from the first blank page to finally seeing your book in print is one I have taken many times. I would like to take it with you! Please see my Contact and Bio Page to send me a copy of your manuscript or to get in touch and schedule a phone call. Below, you will find more information about some of the exciting self-publishing projects I have had the honor of editing and designing.

I look forward to hearing from you!

Recent Editing and Publishing Projects

Assistant Editor:

Copyeditor & PDF Designer:

Donor Management Policies & Procedures: Managing Your Fundraising Database.

Editor & Consultant:

Alignment for Success: Bring out the Best in Yourself, Your Teams, and Your Company.

Editor & Interior Book Designer:

Financial Wellness: A Proven System to Change Your Behavior and Start Winning with Money.

Editor & Kindle Creator:

How to Be a Healthy Vegetarian: Complete Nutrition Guide & Recipe Book (Second Edition)

Copyeditor & Kindle Creator:

Lose Weight, Get Healthy: Nutrition & Health Information, Eating Plan, Recipes, and Lifestyle Guidelines for Becoming the Healthiest Person You Can Be

Copyeditor, Interior Book Designer, & Kindle Creator:

Raising Healthy Children: Health & Nutrition Information, Recipes, and Resources.

Editor & Designer:

Strategic Reserves of Time

Author & Designer:

Tobacco & Fluoride: Two Essays on Domestic & International Public Health Policy.

  • Two research papers completed as graduate work in 2014.
  • Edited for publication and Available on Amazon, June 2015.

Author & Designer:

Patents & Public Health: Two Essays on Medicine & Genetics as Intellectual Property.

  • Two research papers completed as graduate work in 2014. Each scored 100%.
  • Edited for publication and Available on Amazon, January 2015.

Author & Designer:

The Fates of Stars and Other Poems: Second Edition

  • A self-published poetry and art collection. Available on Amazon, January 2015.
  • The first edition in January, 2014 enjoyed favorable reviews and global sales.

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