The Book of Your Dreams

Books change lives. Books educate and empower. They inform and inspire. Books connect people with transformative ideas and game-changing techniques.

Your knowledge and experience form the most valuable part of your book, the core insights and unique wisdom that people need. My goal is to help you craft that insight into a well-written, visually appealing book that is ready to print and market.

To achieve the book you’ve dreamed of making, connect with me for support at any or all of these stages of book production:
★  Brainstorming
★  Researching
★  Outlining and organizing content
★  Creating an achievable writing plan
★  Writing your first draft
★  Revising for a final draft
★  Preparing your manuscript for editing
★  Professionally editing your manuscript
★  Indexing your book
★  Designing your book’s interior for print, Kindle, or other eBook formats
★  Designing your book cover
★  Setting up your own self-publishing accounts

Together, we can make the book you’ve always dreamed of become a reality.
Contact Matthew.

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