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We sold two paintings today. Guitar #20: Frozen Coast caught an art lover’s eye on Craigslist. While she was here, she took a liking to Dream Journal #8: Night at the Lake. Good choice! We are very fond of that one, and miss it already. We hope to see some pics of them in their new homes soon!

guitar 20 (2)

You can read more about Guitar #20, or Dream Journal #8, in our archives. Their original posts include detailed close-up photos.

Dream Journal 8 (1) - Copy

Your Guide to Getting Started Selling Comic Books on eBay


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This informative post drew on the numerous emails we’ve sent in reply to inquiries from friends and readers about selling their comic books on eBay. We thought, sure, a few people might be interested, but it got picked up on Twitter and Reddit and did surprisingly well. So many page views! The silver lining to the cloud of selling off our comic book collection also includes our new eBay status as both a Top Seller and a Power Seller – and having 100% positive feedback feels pretty darn good, too.

If you’d like to know how we got there, and how you can too, check out this post from our comic book and art blog.

Your Guide to Getting Started Selling Comic Books on eBay.

Celebrating Recent Art Sales


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10 guitar 7 detailThe business coach we’ve worked for the past seven years often reminds us to take time to celebrate our successes. This carries a special importance when you work independently. After all, a sole proprietor works without any sort of company hierarchy to hand out employee-of-the-month awards, bonuses, or other forms of recognition. Artists working independently face the same challenge.

Plus, you can easily focus on all the things that haven’t yet worked out the way you hoped. If you try ten different things and one succeeds wildly, you might be too caught up in your nine other failures to really appreciate it. It takes a certain mental fortitude to keep moving forward, and celebrating your successes plays an important role in that.

Last week, we had a wonderful chat with a local business owner referred to us to discuss some potential ways we could work together. We mentioned, somewhat dejectedly, that we had only sold about five pieces of artwork since we began seriously attempting it last fall. She said it was funny we viewed it negatively, since she found that number quite impressive.

That made us pause and remember to celebrate our successes. So, we hope you don’t mind if we take a moment to review what pieces have sold in the last nine months. On a side note, our little poetry book has been selling a couple of copies each month, mostly overseas. Though that isn’t a phenomenal sales figure, it certainly does make us happy that the collection is getting out there.

Let’s have a look at what we’ve sold so far.

guitar -001

Guitar #1 sold in October 2013 through Etsy to a MWSNM reader in Canada.
Buy a print or card of this piece.

8 guitar 7

Guitar #7 sold in November 2013 through Etsy to family in the USA.
Buy a print or card of this piece.

guitar 15 2

Guitar #15 sold in November 2013 through eBay to a buyer in the USA.
Buy a print or card of this piece.

behold the awesomizer - (13)

Behold the Awesomizer sold in February 2014 through eBay to a buyer in the USA.

ink frog 1 (1)

Diving Frog sold in June 2014 through eBay to an overseas buyer.
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Here in Phoenix we have Harris’ Hawks. John Audubon, renowned bird painter, named the species after a friend of his. The ones in my neighborhood love diving into the palm trees to catch pigeons. Often, you don’t see or hear them coming until the loud CRASH in the treetop and the explosion of pigeon feathers.

harris hawk feather

Harris Hawks are often employed at sporting events and facilities to ward off pigeons.

I am pretty sure this feather came from one of the local hawks. I found it on the ground while Ellie the Studio Cat and I were out for one of our pre-dawn walks. Yes, Ellie kitty and I go for walks together. We do it in the quiet hours between the time the bars close and the time people start driving to work, since neither of us care for cars and traffic.

And no, Ellie does not wear a leash. We just walk. Our walks, in fact, were Ellie’s idea. When she first came to live with me, it took a while to learn her style of communication and body language, but she definitely communicates. It took me a couple of months to realize she was trying to invite me to walk around the block with her. Now, it is one of our favorite things to do together.

She also likes boxes.

southwest box puma


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